Top 12 Questions from Parents Like You

Do I 1st try over the counter meds before consulting my paediatrician?

If your child is under 2, I recommend bringing him or her for an appointment as most over the counter meds are not suitable. For children older than 2 years and not improving within 24-48 hours, rather see a doctor as soon as possible.

If my child gets sick after-hours, where do I go?

Take your child to the Emergency Center at Mediclinic Milnerton, which is open 24/7. They will get in contact with me to discuss your loved one’s condition and to arrange to see your child as soon as possible.

Do I pay for repeat prescriptions?

I don’t charge patients for repeat prescriptions. Follow-up visits are strongly advisable for ongoing treatment every 6 months. Antibiotics and oral cortisone can only be prescribed after an appointment.

Can I request you to be my unborn baby's paediatrician?

Absolutely! I look forward to sharing the birthing experience with you!

Are you incorporated with my medical aid?

Yes I am contracted with most medical aids. I am also the medical aid’s designated service provider. This means that my fees are within medical aid rates and will be covered by your medical aid.

How do I know what is my account's outstanding balance?

Although we are a cash practice, we do allow submission of accounts to your medical aid if you have any savings. You are of course welcome to speak to Jessica or Faith at the practice and they can verify your account for you.

Is it more expensive to see a paediatrician or a GP?

Your GP is likely to be cheaper than a paediatrician but he or she may refer you to a paediatrician should your child need specialised attention.

When do I need to make an appointment with a paediatrician?

Your child should be seen at 6 weeks, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and yearly by a paediatrician to ensure he or she is growing optimally and reaching all his or her milestones. I am qualified to assist you in the care and healing of your child during any other emergency and medical illness as well as the support you need with schooling difficulties.  

What does a 6 week check-up entail?

I will check your baby’s general health, growth and development. I will also assess every organ system to pick up any subtle signs while answering any questions you may have.

Do I follow-up with a paediatrician for chronic treatment?


How do I ask advice?

You are welcome to contact us either by phone or email. For urgent assistance, I recommend you call us on 021 551 5615.

Do you offer vaccinations?

Unfortunately not as I work alongside the baby clinic that is on the ground-floor of the hospital. If you prefer that I do the vaccine, please let me know as I am all to happy to help.

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What Our Families are Saying

Dr Steenekamp has always been calm and kind. She listens and cares about my children and has never taken my concern lightly.

Since we switched to Dr Steenekamp, my children have never been afraid to go to the doctor. They call her “lady doctor”.

Dr Steenekamp has an efficient and friendly staff too. I would definitely recommend her practice to anyone looking for a paediatrician.

I have enjoyed working with Dr Steenekamp over the past 4 years of parenthood. She has helped us through a very difficult times.

I love her soft spoken nature, attention to detail, the way she handles the kids, her motherly touch … the list is endless. 

 I didn’t even have to think a second which paediatrician I wanted alongside us when I we were going in for our second baby. She is wonderful with kids.