Dr Marelie Steenekamp has seen moms and dads just like you through many sleepless nights of worry as she helped countless children onto the road to recovery.

Whether you are a seasoned mom needing help with the sniffles or a soon-to-be mommy looking for a paediatrician to join your medical team for the birth of your little one; Dr Marelie Steenekamp has over 10 years of experience that will help you be the best mom and dad you can be.

Our Practice. Our Family. Our Community

I am a firm believer of working alongside my mommies and daddies to empower them to grow a future generation of children that are healthy. This is the reason why I share my years of paediatric experience with you so that we can create a family and a community of well-informed and empowered parents who encourage their children to live healthy and rewarding lives in the classroom and on the playground.

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My Paediatric Services

Caring From Birth

Once your baby is born, your obstetrician will handover the healthcare of your baby to a specialist who is trained in paediatric medicine. It is important to choose a paediatrician who will be there for your baby the moment he or she arrives to carry out a comprehensive health check. Be sure to choose the right paediatrician.

I can confidently tell you that I am one of the preferred pediatricians among new parents. My dedicated approach and my attention to detail has given confidence to new parents over my 10 years in private practice.

Into Adolescent Years

As you watch your child grow, you may encounter more than the average sniffles. In my 10 years of peadiatric service to the community, I have come across a plethora of illnesses among children of various ages.  This experience has allowed me to develop a large knowledge base of which I rely on daily to be able to offer quality healthcare to children of various ages.

More than my medical background, I am also a mommy to two young children. This role has served me very well  as it has added a new level of empathy and caring to my practice that translates into a practice with human hands that care for moms, dads and children.

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